The beginning of the 21st century is marked by the bigger competition of global market and job opportunity that nowadays unrestricted by administration boundary of a country or region. Moreover, the progressing regional autonomy program needs a plenty of expert staff to be actively involved to develop their own potential of respective region. Thus, we need the presence of higher education that can undertake the decree of education mandate and the government program.

International networking constellation in preparing the openness of free trade has created business and professional opportunity that require manpower and skilled practitioner. To anticipate the challenge of a dynamic business and professional world, we need intuition and critical, sharp analytical competency, good management skill, value and ethics understanding, and foreign language fluency. Besides having abundant natural resources, a solid education system is also a valuable asset the nation possesses to survive on entering free trade era. By designing competency-based curriculum, it is expected to educate qualified Human Resources through the understanding of Japanese culture along with communication and negotiation qualifications in Japanese language so that it can be a strong pillar to overcome the current global challenge.

The development of institution with Japanese culture and language program in the core of its educational process contributes to making bigger chance for higher education institution to give contribution in holding education and practical activities for prospective professional manpower in the field of Japanese language. Along with the government policy in the form of investment climate development, it cannot be denied that the presence of Foreign Investment as a solution of economic restructuring and rehabilitation is both opportunity and challenge to be faced. One of foreign investments in Indonesia that has strategic role is foreign investment from Japan. It is recorded that heavy, medium and light industries in large scale and utilization of domesticity are sourced by Japanese funding. In other words, companies from the land of rising sun correlate with employment needs.

With that in minds, Asosiasi Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Jepang Indonesia (Association of Japanese and Indonesian Education Study) in cooperated with Global Network for Japanese Education and The Japan Foundation will hold International Seminar “AN INFINITY OF POSSIBILITIES” as a part of the strategic partnership oriented towards the embodiment of the creative, humane Japanese language learning and stimulating the learning actors to be involved. This International Seminar is aimed for teachers of Japanese language and lecturers of D3 and S1 Japanese study programs in Indonesia as well as observers and researchers of Japanese education and language all over the world. Through this seminar, teachers and lecturers from around the world will have a chance not only to be a participant but also to be a presenter. It is important because this seminar is an open room for representation and self-actualization of competent, reliable and trustworthy educators.