Please Select Your Registration


Registration for presenter dan participant is started October 10, 2015. Please read the following participation term in advance.

This registration page contains registration and payment information as follows:

  1. Participant/presenter on the seminar.
  2. Dinner Gala.

Presenting registrant should not fill “seminar participant” section.

Important note on payment:

  • The payment period for participant registration will be started from Oct 10, 2015 to June, 25 2016, or during the event.
  • Presenting fee will be charged to the presenter whom his/her abstract passes the review process. All presenters including group presenter should register and each presenter should pay the registration fee. The payment period for seminar presenter should be completed on August 11, 2016 at the very latest (after abstract review result is announced).
  • The registration fee for more than one presenter (group) is charged to all the group member who will attend the conference for USD 275 (early bird) /USD 295 (regular) /person, even he/she does not present his/her paper along with his/her group.
  • The person who will present more than one paper (maximal two papers) will be charged USD 100 for the second paper
  • Registration for presentation that will be presented by more than one person is conducted by each presenter, while the abstract and synopsis submission for proceeding is conducted by one presenter representative (one person).
  • Registration fees are USD 250 for participant and USD 275/USD 295 for presenter, respectively, including certificate, seminar kit, lunch and coffee break during the seminar. Registration fees are used to cover the overall cost of the event, the seminar process and the tools to support the presentation activities.
  • The registration receipt and certificate will be issue on the event. For further information, please contact the registration desk during the event.
  • The registration that has been done and paid cannot be cancelled.