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Symposium for Graduate Students

Bali ICJLE 2016 Symposium for Graduate Students Information

Note: The online attendance registration form of the symposium for graduate students is now open. Please register via the link below.

Please note that the recipients of the grant have been already registered by the graduate symposium committee.

At the Bali International Conference on Japanese Language Education (ICJLE) in September, 2016, a ‘Symposium for Graduate Students’ will be held for postgraduate students in the field of Japanese language education and related fields. This symposium offers an opportunity for postgraduate students to establish networks with other postgraduate students and early career academics in the field of Japanese language education or related fields from universities around the world. It also aims for postgraduate students to discuss possible future directions and career paths preparing them ahead of time. The proposed schedule for the workshop is as follows.

Time: A period of 2 hours in the afternoon of 9 September (The time TBA once scheduled)

Place:Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC)

Opening Remarks
・Session 1:
“Three Minutes Thesis Contest”
Present your research in three minutes in an easily understandable manner. Postgraduate students assess and comments on each other’s speech.
・Session 2:
“Career Workshop”
We invite senpai from around the world, who are currently working as Japanese teacher to candidly discuss their career experiences and teaching Japanese.
Closing Remarks
  • Award ceremony for 3 min speech winners.


The details of grant application for postgraduate students have been finalised. Please see the instructions below if you wish to apply.

Grant for Postgraduate Students Information


  1. Supplementing conference registration fee of 15 postgraduate students at Indonesian universities. Supplementing the 15 students’ actual expenditure of travel costs (up to JPY23,000)
  2. Supplementing registration fee of 10 postgraduate students at universities outside Indonesia and Australia


  1. Postgraduate students in the field of Japanese language education and related field.
  2. Presenters of a paper at the Bali ICJLE 2016
  3. Participants in the Symposium for Graduate Students
  4. Presenters of the three minutes thesis speech contest


  1. Please submit your online application form via the link below.
  2. Applicants are required to send their confirmation of enrolment in their postgraduate program at the university. Please use the template below to prove your enrolment. Please fill out the form and send it to the symposium organizing committee. ([email protected]) The name of the file should include your university’s name and your last name (e.g. unsw_Kojima-enrolment_confirmation.pdf)
  3. An example of 3 minutes thesis speech draft can be accessed in the graduate symposium website. Please see the web page for more details.

Application Deadline
The application form has been closed.

Review of Applications
When applications exceeds the total number of recipients described above, the 3 minutes theses speech draft will be reviewed in order to select the recipients of the grant.

“After July 25, 2016”

The graduate symposium committee will contact the recipients when the result is out.

We look forward to meeting you at Bali ICJLE 2016.

The Symposium for Graduate Students Committee
Email: [email protected] (Should your enquiries be sent in English or Japanese)